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On July 6th, 2010 NYU provided a response summary to the Task Force's Development Report recommendations


The following documents pertaining to the "Superblocks" were obtained from the City Planning Commission through a FOIL request, by Task Force member, David Reck.  They address aspects of the Washington Square Southeast Urban Renewal Area, established in 1954 and the Large Scale Residential Development Plan for the southern superblock, established in 1961.  Additional details regarding these parcels will be available soon, but these base documents are useful.
Letter to Councilman Alan Gerson, July 2009 from City Planning 1953 Approved Urban Renewal Plan Short History of Southern Superblock

New NYU Website - launched on April 12, 2010 to introduced at the third phase of the NYU Plan 2031 initiative.

From the Task Force sub-committees, the NYU Development Report Core & Neighborhood, Process, Remote Sites and Sustainability & Amenities, presented March 25, 2010

Milestones Report presented by NYU to the Full Task Force in Dec. 2009

New Design 133-139 MacDougal St.Provincetown Playhouse Presentation,
April 29, 2008: 

Rebuilding the Provincetown Playhouse and Honoring a Cultural Institution


April 23, 2008 NYU Planning Concepts Open House
The Design Team, SMWM in association with Grimshaw Architects, Toshiko Mori Architect and Olin Partnership, completed their recommendations for a strategic framework to guide the University's growth between now and 2031.  Here are the highlights:

NYU Campus Planning Timeline
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Conceptual Criteria

 Core Today  Core Possibilities

NYU Core Campus Planning Concepts

NYU Campus Street Grid Restoration Concept 2051 NYU Offsite Campus Map

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Core Streetscapes

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Offsite Campus Planning


Location and Design Concepts Jan 30, 2008:

Process and Community Feedback

Space Needs and Core Campus Options

Space Scenarios

Core Campus Concepts:  Washington Square
Village; Coles; South Block Towers

Public Space Improvements

Remote Options:  Health Corridor,  Governor's Island

Revised Core Campus Map,  Jan 2008


NYU Plans 2031 January
Comment Cards

Core and Remote Site Maps , Sept 2007

Survey of Open House Comments
Sept 2007

NYU Growth Projections
May 2007

NYU Greenwich Village Campus Properties,
May, 2007
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NYU Strategic Planning Initiative Presentation
May 24, 2007

NYU Consultant Planning Team May 17, 2007

NYU Overview - March 2007 
The overview provides a snapshot of NYU in the Fall of 2006. Information
in this document includes buildings
and uses in the Washington Square/Union Square/East Village areas and challenges faced by the University. 
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Request for Qualifications -
New York University

Strategic Planning Initiative,
February, 15, 2007


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